Nadodrze Night

July 25

We kindly invite you to another edition of Nadodrze Night. Come to the other side of Oder on July 25 and visit 40 places of Artistic Nadodrze. There will be 12 hours of concerts, exhibitions, fairs, fashion shows, food tastings and film screenings. Nadodrze Night is a great celebration of design, taste, art and craftsmanship. Kreuzberg in Berlin, Praga in Warsaw, Christiania in Copenhagen and in Wrocław there is Nadodrze! Come and visit the traditional craft workshops, PANATO studio, Poco Gallery, magical Macondo, legendary Cultural Resuscitation Center, fashion fair organized by the designers from Nadodrze and many more. The organizers invite you to Nadodrze from noon till midnight. Infopoint Nadodrze at ul. Łokietka 5 and 40 places of Artistic Nadodrze. Spend this night with us! The complete program can be found at artystycznenadodrze.pl

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