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Kormorany are one of few legendary avant-garde Polish ensembles combining music, performance, theatre and film, who for over 25 years have been hypnotizing the audience with their stylistic experiments and an uncompromising attitude to their work viewed as a deeply honest stream of sensations capable of setting people free from the daily routine and intellectual constraints. Currently, the band is focused on live performances of meticulously crafted compositions with an unexpected tinge of improvisation.

In December 2013, the band composed of Jacek "Tuńczyk" Fedorowicz, Piotr "Blusmen" Jankowski, Artur "Gaja" Krawczyk, and Krzysztof "Konik" Konieczny created music for the play The Slippery Grass Road, which premiered on 14 December 2013 in the Helena Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica. On May 1st, 2014, Kormorany released their first studio album called Majaki, promoted during a series of concerts in darkness (concert premiere on 8 May 2014 in the Musical Theatre Capitol in Wrocław). The album was also used in a radio audiobook show of Ignacy Karpowicz's novel Sońka in Polish Radio Three as well as presented at the Wrocław Underwater Festival, the Wolimierz festival, and a Phantom in the Open Air concert on Ruska Street, during the reopening of Studio BWA in Wrocław. The band is now working on a new album under the working title Za Horyzontem (Behind the Horizon), which will be presented in concerts in Warsaw, Białystok, Bratislava and Wrocław.

The Kormorany band:

Jacek "Tuńczyk" Fedorowicz

Known as composer, unconventional musician, bowed guitar player, bass player, multi-instrumentalist, sound creator, artist, and professional amateur. He has given over 1000 concerts and theatre performances in 30 countries: from Los Angeles to Teheran, from Minsk to Edinburgh and Jerusalem. He has performed in cathedrals and basements, palaces and squats, factories and meadows, universities, museums, castles and galleries, as well as at 40 premiers, in 200 theatres and at 200 festivals. Also to his credit: numerous awards, a number of film scores and 9 albums. Member of such bands as: Klaus Mit Foch (1986-1989), Kormorany (since 1987), Karbido "The Table" (since 2006), and Gliniane Pieśni (since 2011).

Piotr "Blusmen" Jankowski

Electric and acoustic guitar player, bass guitar player and composer. He was the one to introduce Kormorany to the sound of a bowed guitar. Always in search of new means of instrumental expression, he is a brilliant improviser and bluesman, an occasional songwriter and poet, as well as a controversial writer, a sound buff, and a collector and constructor of instruments. He played thousands of concerts and participated in hundreds of performances, exhibition openings and special events: from Białystok to San Diego and from Durban to Edinburgh. Member of bands: Blues Corporation (1985), Kormorany (since 1986), Miki Mousoleum (since 2000), and I'm not a plastic bag (2004-2009).

Krzysztof "Konik" Konieczny

He describes himself as "a man relentlessly seeking for sounds". He has experimented with a band Trzecia Zupa Pana Słyka, playing in deserted places with unique acoustics. In 1985, for the first time he took part a Kormorany sound performance, in a tunnel under a weir on Odra River. After a few years of studying the relationship between sound and spirit, he became a full member of the band. He has created 13 musical illustrations to theatre performances, such as: Ya'akobi & Leidental (recorded for the TV Theatre) and Hamlet for the Silesian Theatre in Katowice, Gottland for Teatr Rozrywki in Chorzów, Knives in Hens for Teatr bez Sceny in Chorzów, and Manitoba for Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszów. His music was used in a radio audiobook show of Zośka Papużanka's novel Szopka in Polish Radio Three.

Artur "Gaja" Krawczyk

For years, he has been drumming, whistling and twanging to the sounds of punk, blues, reggae and Kormorany, as well as collaborating with numerous musicians, actors, bands, and theatres performing at countless events and festivals. He played in France, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Scotland, the United States and, last but not least, in Poland. He was a member of many bands and theatre companies, such as: Kormorany (since 1986), Teatr Klinika Lalek in Wolimierz, Helena Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica, The Crackers Band, Eliezer Mizrahi, and Papadram Roots Drums Band.

Kormorany discography:

Teraz - live performance in Kalambur Theatre (Fabryka Kormorany,1999); Miasto - live performance in Jazz Klub Rura (Rita Baum, 2008, a supplement to Rita Baum magazine); La musica teatrale - a 5-disc box with theatre music (Rita Baum, 2009); Majaki - (Rita Baum, 2014). Music composed by Kormorany for theatre performances: Historyja o chwalebnym Zmartwychwstaniu Pańskim (1993, The Dramatic Theatre in Warsaw, dir. Piotr Cieplak), Historia Jakuba (1996, Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, dir. Piotr Cieplak), The Man Who Was Thursday (TV Theatre, dir. Piotr Cieplak), Coriolanus (1998, Helena Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica, dir. Krzysztof Kopka), Wspólny pokój (2000, The Drama Theatre in Wałbrzych, dir. Krzysztof Kopka), Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (2001, Helena Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica, dir. Jacek Głomb), Portowa Opowieść (2004, Helena Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica, dir. Jacek Głomb), Otello (2006, Helena Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica, dir. Jacek Głomb), Sami (2008, Helena Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica, dir. Paweł and Katarzyna Wolak), The Slippery Grass Road (2013, Helena Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica, dir. Paweł and Katarzyna Wolak).

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