Festival Library

KNH, July 24 – August 2, 10 AM - 8 PM

Not only films can extend your horizons in Wrocław. For the second time the spectators will have a chance to borrow interesting, carefully selected books from a library operating at KNH. This initiative is coming back to the festival thanks to the cooperation of Book Institute, Third Channel of Polish Radio and New Horizon Association. The library is unique and it’s open for all book lovers who find reading as natural as breathing and watching films. People who don’t share this passion are also welcomed, they might change their attitude towards reading. Thanks to the publishers who supported our project and helped us to fill our shelves there will be a great variety of books: brand new titles and classics, books for film lovers, sci-fi fans, and history aficionados, biographies, non-fiction, crime stories and good novels. There will also be books for kids and young adults. And that’s not all – the festival will be visited by exceptional guests.



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