The Corridor dir. Šarūnas BartasThe Corridor dir. Šarūnas Bartas

This year's retrospective will feature the most uncompromising of the French New Wave directors, Philippe Garrel. The section, curated by a Japanese film critic and scholar Nanako Tsukidate, consists of the 15 most important movies in Garrel's career (who also helped select the titles): both intimate, almost autobiographical stories as well as lively commentaries to French politics, history, culture, and society (especially the events of 1968) - but always original and against the tide. Among the selected titles are the powerful 1970s films starring Jean Seberg and the singer Nico (e.g. The Crystal Cradle), who was his partner and muse at the time, as well as later movies, awarded at Venice Film Festival: I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar, Wild Innocence, and Regular Lovers.

One of the aims of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 is promoting cultural heritage of the neighbour countries. The retrospective will focus on the most well-known representative of the Lithuanian cinema and the festival guest Šarūnas Bartas, a visionary compared to such masters as Andrei Tarkovsky and Béla Tarr. His neo-modernist films are like sophisticated treatises about alienation, melancholic allegories or slow cinema impressions. Anna Mykonis wrote about his works: "He aims at inventing a new cinematic language: uses visual means to show a soul of an overwhelmed man." In the programme, among others: Three Days (FIPRESCI Award and Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at Berlinale), Freedom (awarded at Venice Film Festival), The Corridor, and The House. Searching and defining identity, both in terms of an individual and the whole country is a common theme linking the films of Šarūnas Bartas with the whole Lithuanian review. The section is prepared in cooperation with Lithuanian Film Center and the Embassy Lithuania in Poland.

The Polish retrospective will feature Tadeusz Konwicki: an outstanding writer, screenwriter, film director and director of the "Kadr" Film Studio, who has recently passed away. We will show his masterpieces, such as a debut psychological drama The Last Day of Summer starring Jan Machulski and Irena Laskowska, the cult Salto and unconventional literary adaptations The Issa Valley (based on a novel by Czesław Miłosz) and A Tale of Adam Mickiewicz's 'Forefathers' Eve', as well as some slightly forgotten gems of the Polish cinema: All Souls' Day and How Far Away, How Near. The retrospective was prepared in partnership with the Polish National Audiovisual Institute.

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