The Passage dir. MISSING FRAMEThe Passage dir. MISSING FRAME
48 Hour Film Project Wrocław

The first edition of the 48 Hour Film Project Wrocław took place in April 2015. In only 48 hours, the film crews taking part in the competition had to write a screenplay, which was then used as the basis for shooting and editing a short, 4-7 minute, film. Each production had to contain the following elements: pompoms; a character named Tomek or Joanna Karat, who was an engineer; the line “You’re as constant as the traffic lights”; and the city of Wrocław. Each crew made its film according to the conventions of a randomly selected genre. The resulting short films were judged by a jury made up of Roman Gutek, Wiesław Saniewski, Milenia Fiedler and Tomasz Augustynek. The main prize went to the Missing Frame crew for their film Przejście. The winning film will take part in the international finals at Filmapalooza alongside nearly 130 other winners from different cities that took part in the 48 Hour Film Project competition, including Katowice and Warsaw. One of the prizes will be a screening as part of the Short Film Corner program at the festival in Cannes.

The project was implemented by the Foundation for Film Space as part of the film program during Wrocław’s year as European Capital of Culture in 2016.

In program:

July 24, Market Square, 10 PM

Inżynieria pocieszania / Engineering of Comforting, reż. Tomasz Berek, Ena Kielska, Polska 2015, 6'

The film tells a story about the sad fate of Joanna who proves that dreams may come true even in the most outlandish places and circumstances. Death does not have to be tragic as it may be the beginning of something new.

July 26, Market Square, 10 PM

Nie mamy kota? / We don't have a cat, do we?, reż. Łukasz Łukasik, Polska 2015, 8'

It's a short story of two young people facing tough situation. Her breaking up with bad habits may end up with breaking up with the man she loves and even his best intentions doesn't stand a chance with her I-need-nicotine-now rage. He wants to help, she just desperately tries to suck cigarette smoke from the lungs of innocent pedestrians.

July 27, Market Square, 10 PM

Nie pokój / The Room, reż. Janusz Pietroszek, Polska 2015, 8'

Young singer who is on the begining of a new career, is about to take part in American talent show. However, she is hiding dark secret,  which is more and more difficult to hide.

July 28, Market Square, 10 PM

Pierrot, reż. Konrad Domaszewski, SASHIMODO PICTURES, Polska 2015, 8'

An apparently unusual event took place on a movie set. One thing is for sure – someone died. An odd detective is investigating the case, he is interrogating the suspects and witnesses of the mysterious murder in a bizarre way. Further findings lead to nowhere. Truth hidden between presumptions and false testimonies, is becoming more and more obscure. What happened there? Will the puzzle remain unsolved?

July 29, Market Square, 9.30 PM

Przejście / The Passage, reż. MISSING FRAME, Polska 2015, 6'

Abandoned Wroclaw, intimacy of characters, poignant sadness, fear of the unknown and preparation for the inevitable passage. This is a sci-fi short film in which the most spectacular special effects are created in the viewer’s mind while interpreting the movie.

July 31, Market Square, 10 PM

Stypa / The Wake, reż. Iga Wielowieyska-Czepułkowska, Polska 2015, 8'

Welcome on the wake. There are many guests mourning at the house of always-drunk hostess and her husband. Everyone - family and friends - are sharing their sweet and sour memories of the late fellow. It seems, that the only person truly in grief is the host. But don't get fooled and be wary, because you never know how the wake could end! The film received Audience Award and Best Prop Placement Award on the 48 Hour Film Project 2015 in Wroclaw.

August 1, Market Square, 10 PM

Tuba / The Tube, reż. Mariusz Sobczak, Polska 2015, 7'

The mysterious boss instructs the reception of a package. Who will be the first and grab the prize?

August 2, Market Square, 10 PM

Wizja lokalna / Observation on the spot, reż. IP Group, Polska 2015, 8' 

The artist and the city. Fabien Lédé and his original vision of the urban recycling: what has been pushed to the aesthetic outskirts of the city hitherto, takes the floor and catches the eye. Here comes the very new and radical formula of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016.

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